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How to organize and pack your things for a move (Part I)

This is the first part of a series of articles that will guide you and teach you everything about the best way to organize and pack a move, offering practical advice that will accompany you in this process that can seem chaotic.

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Part l.

Before you start, remember that it's always better to go step by step, completing pending tasks with time and packing without feeling pressured. As a tip, you can take this opportunity to sort out your belongings and get rid of or even donate everything you don't use or need. 

It should be clear that, during a move, good packaging is essential to take care of your belongings. All your assets must be properly protected, thus ensuring the status of your most valued possessions during the transfer.

The following is a list of tasks and efficient tips to get organized and pack with the best possible method, as well as suggestions on the necessary materials for good packaging.

Organization and collection of materials

1. Start collecting moving boxes and packing material 

It's important to gather cardboard boxes of different sizes in advance, and purchase essential packing materials, such as the following:  

      • Scissors, tags and markers: to label or code boxes and bags, and therefore be able to identify their content. It will also be useful to distinguish the boxes with objects of special care.
      • Duct Tape: Get enough tape and a dispenser to speed up your workflow.
      • Newspaper: to wrap or fill delicate objects (glass or crockery and kitchen utensils).
      • Plastic film rolls: it's recommended to use them for large furniture.
      • Bubble wrap or foam padding protection: helps to cushion potential bumps during the move.
      • Resistant trash bags: differentiate the bags with your belongings and the trash bags by color.
      • Cardboard boxes: Try to pack everything in boxes, mainly use them for belongings vulnerable to movement.

At Trafimar we make sure to use the best packaging materials, such as custom-made corrugated cardboard and wood boxes, to preserve the condition of each item, no matter how delicate it may be. Learn more with our Tips for packing each type of belongings during a move

2. Old clothes as padding material

Old clothes can be just as useful as bubble wrap, giving double use to clothes you'd still take with you. An advice as an example is to wrap glass objects in socks.

3. Create a folder of important files

Having all the important data that you will need in a folder, such as the moving transport reservation or any document that you require when you arrive at your new home, will help you maintain order and be calmer.
A move can feel messy, even chaotic, we recommend you keep this folder safe and remember where you keep it.

4. Photographs of electronic equipment as references

Taking pictures of complicated setups, like maybe the cable connections behind the TV or WiFi modem, can help you when you have to put it together later.

5. Pack your suitcase before putting everything in boxes

It's always a good idea that each person who is going to move with you packs a suitcase with things, be it changes of clothes or personal hygiene products, that they may need during the first days in the new place. You can keep these things in a suitcase or box, but remember to differentiate them from the rest.

      • Remember to pack your utensils or silverware and cleaning products last, since you'll probably use them first.  

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As we can see, the key to not feeling pressured ans stressed is to start this process with time and anticipation.  Gathering the materials you need and packing up things you don't use often, like holiday decorations, can make your move a smoother and more pleasant transition.  


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In the continuation of this article, we will continue listing the steps to make your move an efficient, organized and pleasant process.


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